Nordic & Natural Original Gravlax from Sweden


The Classic Herring

  • The herring platter is one of Sweden’s most classic dishesThis herring comes from West Swedish herring trawls. Most of the larger herring is fished from the rich stocks in the Norwegian sea. The herring can be prepared in many different ways according to traditional recipes and is often paired with cheese and knäckebröd.

Reindeer a Natural Choice

  • Natural and lean, reindeer meat is healthy and tastes great.The Swedish Laponian reindeer live a free life herded by the native Sami people and the production is carefully monitored by the state, which together guarantees high-quality standard, proper animal care and a rare and exclusive final product, highly regarded for its leanness, texture, aromatic flavour and versatility.

Nordic Caviar

  • Served at at important Swedish events such as royal dinners and the Nobel prize banquet.Nordic Caviar or 'Bleak-Roe' Kalix Löjrom is the roe of a salmonid fish called vendace from the Bothnian Bay archipelago of the Baltic Sea in northern Sweden. It is a highly prized delicacy in Sweden with its golden orange colour and mild and elegant, salty sea flavour.

Wild Baltic Salmon

  • One of nature’s healthiest, most nutrient-dense “superfoods”. Baltic wild salmon live their lives as nature intended. A happier, healthier, natural living fish, these salmon have a delicious and robust flavour and lean yet creamy flesh. Delicious, with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and other prized nutrients, wild salmon represents a high-quality lean meat.

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