Gastronomic Cargo

Delivery of well selected food and beverage products from north to south

We offer a unique range of products with reindeer meat and wild salmon from the Swedish Lapland to the very best cured ham from south of Spain. Looking for a culinary adventure or a perfect gift? Try a GC tasting box!


Delicious products from the artic circle down to the Mediterranean sea delivered in France.





Scandinavia, and Sweden in particular, produces some of the world’s best food. Go to your local grocery store and fill the basket with the most popular and common products then c

Smørrebrød, a term of Danish origin, literally means ‘bread and butter’ and refers to the traditional Danish-Norwegian open sandwich. A slice of dark buttered rye bre

The incomparable Club Sandwich reinvented with wild salmon and gravlax, a simply sublime duo that with their respective condiments make for an exclusive version of this classic dis

Some of the most popular nordic dishes and products come from the sea and Scandinavians have their own favourites. Some of those have reached to international recognition; who hasn