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Here are our most popular recipes and tips on how to use our authentic nordic food products. Make your next dinner a culinary adventure!

Nordic FusionMiso & Soya Cured Salmon

  • Poke Polar* - SalmonDelicious norwegian premium salmon cured in Sweden with an asian touch. A truly international salad with lots of flavour and easy to make with our miso and soya cured salmon.

Nordic ClassicToast Skagen

  • A Real ClassicToast Skagen: The most popular and classic of all Swedish gourmet dishes, with hand-peeled prawns from the west coast, dill, mayo, horseradish and for that luxurious touch you can add some nordic caviar.

Nordic ClassicMeatballs

  • Emblematic Swedish Meatball DishDelicious meatballs in gravy traditionally served with mashed potatoes, pickled sweet cucumber and lingonberry jam. Made from a combination of beef and pork, gently seasoned, these meatballs are a Scandinavian favourite.

Nordic FusionSalad Sauvage

  • Poke Polar* - MeatSuper healthy and tasty couscous salad with reindeer steak slices and creamy mustard dressing.

Nordic ClassicPrawn Salad

  • De luxe salad for all seasons Try a classic prawn salad served with original Rhode Island dressing, created by legendary Swedish chef Tore Wretman founder of Rich restaurant in Stockholm.

Nordic ClassicOriginal Gravlax

  • World-famous Swedish Marinated Salmon

Nordic CuisineClassic & Fusion

Nordic cuisine is a natural choice for food lovers all around the world today. With restaurants like Noma, Frantzén, Mathias Dahlgren and Aquavit on the forefront of this trend, nordic food is gaining more popularity internationally than ever, very much also because of its sustainable heritage, taste and simplicity.

GC presents a quick guide to classic and new fusion recipes, let us invite you on a culinary journey!

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