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Here are our most popular recipes, get inspired and try the most loved nordic products and dishes at home. We guarantee a great culinary adventure!

RECIPESFestive Season

  • Delicious Holiday DinnerPerfect for the festive season is this reindeer filet with morel mushrooms, parsnip and potato puré, green beans and topped with crispy bacon. Reindeer meat is not particularly gamey, but rather like a very succulent mild venison or a truly outstanding tender piece of beef. This is a light and lean type of meat and its health properties are excellent due to the animal's mostly lichen-based diet. Most of all it is incredibly delicious and tasty!

RECIPESToast Skagen

  • A real classicToast Skagen: The most popular and classic of all Swedish gourmet dishes, with hand-peeled prawns from the west coast, dill, mayo, horseradish and for that luxurious touch you can add some nordic caviar. Toast Skagen has been a symbol for elegance in Swedish food ever since it was created by popular Swedish restaurateur Tore Wretman and named after a fishing port in Denmark. Toast Skagen is on the menu in restaurants all over Sweden and some versions include sour cream or even tabasco, but they must all have in common that the prawns are hand-peeled.


  • Emblematic Swedish Meatball Dish

RECIPESOriginal Gravlax

  • World-famous Swedish Marinated Salmon

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Make a nordic style aperitif buffe or a full dinner with our tasting boxes. You will find  high-quality original nordic products like: Caviar from the Bothnian Bay, Gravlax, Skagen mix, Herring, Meatballs, Reindeer meat, Cloudberry and Bilberry desserts. Compose your own menu and make the upcoming holidays an exiting culinary journey!

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