GC Nordic Cuisine

The ‘Nordic Diet’ has in recent years been embraced by many with a worldwide trend in eating more natural, sustainable, and wholesome food sources.

With the GC Nordic Cuisine concept GC wants more people to discover the true taste of nordic cuisine and we are therefore promoting various dishes, authentic nordic-style.

Many of our products come from Swedish Lapland, an origin that guarantees pure and natural pastures and waters for free-roaming reindeer, wild berries, fruit and fish, whose produce and production methods have unmatched nutritional and environmental benefits.

As in any professional kitchen, whether in France, Italy or Sweden, good quality products are a must and often make the greatest difference to home cooking.

You will find an assortment of original products and flavours from the north such as reindeer meat, bleak-roe, wild berries, mushrooms, fresh horseradish and much more.

In addition to our professional range of products and delivery, GC curates tasting boxes with original recipes for aperitifs, starters, dinners and desserts for consumers in France and Benelux which can be ordered in our web shop.

Make your next dinner a culinary adventure!