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The nordic pantry is probably one of the most sustainable in the world and in the last decennium nordic cuisine has established itself as a fine dining choice all over the world. Like so many other international cuisines, the nordic cuisine has many ‘grandmothers” favourite recipes that have now reached to international tables served by restaurants stretching from IKEA to Michelin star establishments.


GC offers a range of carefully selected products from leading producer partners. We have chosen a premium selection that also is the choice of many top restaurants in Scandinavia. We believe that if you buy something that is not locally produced it should be special and with no real quality substitutes.


Our selection of essential products in nordic cuisine:





The reindeer strip-loin is a tender and juicy filet.

Natural and lean, this game meat from free roaming animals is an excellent healthier and tasty substitute for traditionally farmed meat. Swedish Laponian reindeer live a free life herded by the native Sami people and the production is carefully monitored by the state, which together guarantees the absolutely highest-quality standard, animal care and a rare and very exclusive final product, highly regarded for its leanness, texture and intensive flavour, and its fantastic versatility.

Origin: Swedish lapland


This is one of the most versatile parts of the reindeer and can be used as a main ingredient in many international game recipes and dishes.

Natural and lean, this game meat from free roaming animals is an excellent healthier and tasty substitute for traditionally farmed meat.

Origin: Swedish lapland


With that typical game flavour, smoked reindeer brings a taste of the wild to your table.

Swedish Laponian reindeer eat what nature provides, the feed is not treated with hormones and antibiotics and they have a low effect on the environment compared to beef and some other mass animal farming practices.

Origin: Swedish lapland



Wild salmon

The brackish seawater of the Bay of Bothnia in Sweden produces top quality wild salmon.

These salmon have grown up without the stress of farmed fish living together in large numbers in captivity. Since these wild salmon were able to develop their taste in a natural environment, the flesh is very creamy and delicious.

Origin: Sweden

Smoked and Cured salmon


Salmo Salar premium quality

Our traditional “Gravlax” cured salmon comes from selected farms in Norway and is directly after transport cured by one of Swedens leading producers the classic artisan way, with sugar, salt and dill according to a traditional Swedish recipe.

Origin: Norway Atlantic / Cured in Sweden

Miso & Soya cured

Salmo Salar premium quality

Our salmon comes from selected farms in Norway and is directly after transport cured by one of Swedens leading producers with Miso and Soya to give this trendy Gravlax flavours from Asia.

Origin: Norway Atlantic / Cured in Sweden


The salmon fillets are dry- salted in a salt and sugar mixture according to an old Swedish tradition and then cold- smoked at low temperature with alder wood shavings.

Origin: Norway Atlantic / Smoked in Sweden


For hot-smoked salmon, only salt is used in the preparation process. Then the fillets are smoked hot with smoke from alder wood shavings. The process takes place at an increasing temperature to achieve the desired core temperature as well as optimal consistency and taste.

Origin: Norway Atlantic / Smoked in Sweden

Hand-peeled prawns

These hand-peeled premium prawns fished in the north east Atlantic are as close to a fresh products you can come, perfect for salads, traditional Scandinavian open sandwiches or as cocktail and aperitif ingredients.

Origin: North Atlantic/ Processed in Sweden


Nordic Caviar ‘Bleak-Roe’

Kalix Löjrom is the roe of a salmonid fish called vendace from the Bothnian Bay archipelago of the Baltic Sea in northern Sweden. The Bothnian Bay has brackish water, a result of several large rivers flowing out into the sea. This is what makes the vendace’s caviar so special.

The fishing for harvest of Kalix Löjrom is done with the utmost care for the marine environment.

Origin: Bay of Bothnia in northern Sweden




Cloudberries grow naturally in alpine and arctic regions and are in great demand as a delicacy (particularly in Sweden, Norway and Finland). 

Primarily found in the wild, cloudberries are on the endangered species list. These golden yellow delights, sometimes referred to as ‘forest gold’,  are quite special in taste which is distinctively tart, and their texture is soft and juicy.

Origin: Swedish lapland


The lingonberry is a sour berry, only slightly sweet with soft flesh and goes well with many dishes for instance in Sweden and Norway, reindeer and elk steak is traditionally served with gravy and lingonberry sauce.  

Lingonberries are high in antioxidants, manganese, vitamins E and C and purportedly containing anti-cancer properties.

Origin: Swedish lapland

Chanterelle mushrooms

Nordic forests abound with mushrooms, and the yellow or golden short-stemmed chanterelles are full of vitamins and simply delicious.

Origin: Swedish lapland



Cloudberry sauce

Very rich in vitamin C, even a small amount of these berries is an outstanding addition to a vanilla ice-cream and waffle dessert, your breakfast yoghurt, or the kids’ pancakes.

Origin: Swedish lapland


Traditional Swedish mustard and dill sauce that perfectly accompanies your Gravlax salmon.

Origin: Sweden


This Swedish premium cheese has a very characteristic strong taste, but is at the same time very versatile.

This product should always be in your fridge to enhance the taste of a great variety of dishes – it can be served on your favourite cheese platter, used in a pie, pasta, salad or omelette.

Origin: Sweden

Juniper jelly

Juniper jelly has a good, unique taste that brings to mind forest and game.

It has been called ‘Nordic cypress’ for its fresh scent. Juniper jelly is excellent used in recipes meat, game, poultry and rich stews. This juniper jelly can also be used as a jam.

Origin: Swedish lapland



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