Delicious salmon recipes

Besides its nutritious benefits, salmon has an abundance of flavour and is immensely versatile. Therefore it is a firm favourite on restaurant menus, take away sandwiches and in home cooking. Here we serve up five fantastic salmon recipes, starting with GC’s own, a nordic classic:

1 Green asparagus with cold smoked salmon, poached egg & dill dressing / Cooking time 20 min – Serves 4 pers

Main ingredients: Cold-smoked sliced salmon, green asparagus, eggs, salt

For the dill dressing: Mayonnaise, sour cream, dill, slice of lemon, salt & pepper

Preparation: Cook asparagus, poach eggs, serve with the smoked salmon and top with dressing, garnish with dill and lemon.

2. Smörrebröd with salmon and mustard mayonnaise / Cooking time 25 min – Serves 4 pers

Main ingredients: Wholemeal rye bread, butter, eggs, salad leaves, cold-smoked salmon, radishes, chopped red onion, chopped dill, chopped chives

For the dressing: Mayonnaise, mustard

Preparation: Boil eggs, peel and cut them into wedges. Mix mayonnaise and mustard. Spread butter on the bread and add salad leaves, salmon slices and eggs. Place a dollop of mayonnaise on top. Slice the radishes and add. Mix chopped onion with dill and chives and sprinkle over the sandwiches.

3. Avocado ravioli with smoked salmon and horseradish, an elegant, tasty and simple to make recipe by Marie Claire Cuisine et Vins / Cooking time 20 min – Serves 4 pers

Ingredients: Avocados, large and thin slices of smoked salmon, horseradish cream, lemon, chopped dill, olive oil, hazelnut or almond oil, freshly ground pepper

Preparation: Slice avocados and drizzle with lemon juice, place on a plate and spread horseradish cream on top. Cut salmon in half, and place on top folded into accordion. Combine the 2 oils in a bowl, surround each ravioli with a drizzle of oil.

Link to complete recipe in Marie Claire

4. Gravlax with Hovmästarsås

The easiest way to serve our original gravlax is with toast and dill & mustard sauce. Simplicity is always key in Scandinavian cuisine and this is probably the most symbolic recipe of them all. 

Main ingredients: Gravlax salmon sliced, dill

For the dressing: Mustard, vinegar, sugar, salt & pepper, vegetable oil, chopped dill

Preparation: Place slices of Gravlax on a plate, garnish with sprigs of dill. Mix the ingredients for the Hovmästarsås, add the chopped dill last. Serve as an accompaniment with the Gravlax and add a wedge of lemon.