It’s Scandinavian

Scandinavia, and Sweden in particular, produces some of the world’s best food. Go to your local grocery store and fill the basket with the most popular and common products then compare with similar items from any other countries. We can almost guarantee you that the Scandinavian products are made from better raw materials, have a higher quality, are made in a more climate-friendly way and, most importantly, taste better.

Scandinavia offers a great variety of high-quality food and drinks, delicatessen and snack products, many made with completely natural and healthy ingredients.

In the Scandinavian production of many commonly, even daily enjoyed foods, often organic and pure ingredients are used. For instance in muesli, jams or fruit and vegetable lemonades and shots, which are then made without added sugar or artificial sweeteners, flavour enhancers or preservatives.

Less commonly consumed products from the nordic region with its pure water and wild native country are sustainable food sources such as reindeer, moose and an array of wild growing berries and mushrooms. The wild Baltic salmon from the Bay of Bothnia is another natural delicacy as is the renowned and exclusive Kalix Löjrom, Sweden’s own unique golden-orange ‘caviar’.

Here is a list of some of the most popular grocery products in Europe’s northern region: 

Gravlax (marinated salmon)
Hot and Cold Smoked Norwegian Salmon
Wild Baltic Salmon
Skagen Mix (creamy prawns)
Kalix Löjrom (bleak roe)
Pickled Herring (mustard, crayfish and matjes..)
Reindeer Meat
Moose Meat
Classic Meatballs
Prince Sausages
Aged Cheese
Yellow Pea Soup
Red Beetroot Salad
Rye Bread aka Nordic Bread
Thin Bread
Muesli with Forest Berries
Wild Berries:
-Blueberry Jam
-Lingonberry Jam
-Cloudberry Jam
-Forest Berry Jam
-Hovmästersås (dill & mustard for gravlax)
-Rhode Island Dressing
Wild Mushrooms
Cinnamon Buns
Pick ‘n Mix Sweets
Kladdkaka (rich chocolate cake)
Princess Cake (marzipan cake)
Cheese Cake
Semla (cream cake)
Fruit and Vegetable Shots
Oat Milk