Nordic & Natural

Nordic & Natural
Gastronomic Cargo offers a range of 100% nordic and natural products that have outstanding health and environmental benefits compared to many traditionally farmed and mass-produced food products. Seasonal limitations make these products unique and sought-after.

GC invites food lovers on a culinary journey to the Arctic Circle where we find a pantry with natural and sustainable ingredients which are relatively unknown to most people, such as meat from reindeer with greater nutritional benefits and a much lower CO2 footprint than mass-produced.

GC also offers wild salmon from the Bay of Bothnia that with its brackish water delivers an exceptional quality and healthy alternative to farmed fish. The Baltic wild salmon is sold as natural, hot- and cold smoked.

In addition to its range of meat and fish products GC delivers wild berries and forest mushrooms that have a proven higher content of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Nordic and natural benefits

  • a healthier alternative to mass-produced food products
  • lower CO2 footprint
  • animal welfare, no GM feeds
  • truly sustainable
  • unique flavour
  • lean and nutritious

Whilst Nordic cuisine has become a popular international gastronomic trend thanks to Michelin-starred restaurants like Aquavit in New York and London, as well as Frantzén and Matthias Dahlgren in Sweden, with the GC Nordic & Natural range we make it possible for even more people to taste, share and re-create the most popular and beloved dishes of the north.

Key nordic and natural products

  • Reindeer
  • Moose
  • Wild salmon
  • Caviar
  • Wild berries
  • Forest mushrooms