Reindeer meat from Swedish Lapland

Delicious with a very mild game taste, reindeer is popular in Scandinavia with many chefs for its distinctive flavour and tender texture. It is high in protein, rich in minerals and without any additives.

Our Nordic cooking tips:

  • Pavés with fresh and local vegetables, creamy mustard sauce
  • As tournedos with bacon, potato gratin, vegetables and garlic butter
  • Roasted with mashed potatoes, green onions, mushrooms and game jus
  • Sautéed in cognac with mashed potatoes, pickles and cranberries
  • Tartare with its garnish
  • Simply the perfect meat for a carpaccio with the garnish of your choice

Moose Meat From Swedish Lapland

Moose has a rich gamey taste, a wild meat with a lean, hearty substance to it much like grass-fed beef. But compared to even the leanest of ground beef, moose meat has more protein, less fat, and more vitamins and minerals per serving. 

Our Nordic cooking tips:

  • As burger with bacon for added fat as well as a premium Swedish aged cheese
  • Meatballs with minced moose meat mixed with breadcrumbs and onions in a creamy mustard sauce 
  • Traditional roast with potato gratin and seasonal vegetables
  • ‘Moose Bourguignon’ stew with carrots, garlic, onion in a red wine vegetable stock