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Food & Beverage businesses are having a difficult time due to the global pandemic and we want to share tips and ideas that can create and attract new and old customers and additional revenue to your standard offerings.

GC TIPSMiso & Soya Cured Salmon

  • Poke Polar* - SalmonDelicious norwegian premium salmon cured in Sweden with an asian touch. A perfect pre-sliced fillet for take away products like Poke Bowls and as a starter or healthy and special salad ingredient on menus.

Nordic CuisineIdeas for your menu

Here are our nordic inspirational menu tips for restaurants and caterers. Nordic cuisine is becoming more and more internationally popular because of its healthy and environmentally benefits, so why not try some nordic dishes or even a complete nordic menu this year. Our nordic range of products and recipes is a great alternative to increase interest and revenue from more international customers.

Nordic CuisineInspirational menu tips!





Nordic & NaturalCatalogue Jan-Apr 2021

Discover our range of products and learn more about their origin, download our catalogue Nordic & Natural now.

Our focus is always on taste, health, environment, sustainability, animal care and personal service. Stefan & Saskia / Founders


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