Reindeer Rydberg-style

Beef Rydberg is a classic Swedish dish served with fried onions and potatoes, and a dijon crème with horseradish.

A mix of flavours that come together into a lovely feel-good dinner, ideal during the colder months. Here is our take with reindeer meat, bacon and juniper caramelised onion.

Serves four portions, cooking time 30 minutes


5-600g of reindeer (topside or strip-loin)

750g potatoes

2 onions

1 egg yolk per person (optional)

juniper jelly

6 slices of bacon

2,5 dl crème fraîche



oil, salt, pepper


Cut the meat in cubes and fry on high heat while constantly turning so the meat is evenly browned. Do not overcook to keep the meat moist and add some buter towards the end of cooking.

Fry the potatoes in a generous amount of oil until golden and crisp.

Fry the finely sliced onion until soft and translucent then add the juniper jelly.

Whip crème fraîche and add a tablespoon of whole grain mustard, then add grated fresh horseradish to give it an extra fragrant touch and taste.

Serve your Reindeer Rydberg with the mustard cream, some chopped parsley and an optional egg yolk on top.