Saveur Sauvage

Let’s go a little bit wild this summer!

Try wild salmon from bay of Bothnia or our lean and tender Reindeer meat from Swedish Lapland as alternative to mass produced food products. With less impact on the environment and great health advantages through higher vitamin and mineral values, our nordic products from wild animals brings amazing taste and benefits all the way to your plate.



Five wild summer suggestions that are easy to make and delicious to share:

  • Carpaccio of wild salmon with horse-radish cream
  • Carpaccio of Reindeer with crisp salad and lingon balsamic
  • Reindeer roast with grilled seasonable vegetables
  • Grilled wild salmon with asparagus and hollandaise sauce
  • Toast ‘Smørrebrød’ with cold smoked wild salmon, fresh herbs and creamy capers

Ask you local gourmet shop, traiteur for these products or order direct from our online nordic food market.


Bon Appetit!