Scandinavian Buffet

Discover our high-end Scandinavian buffet with canapés, several courses, hot meals and desserts to enjoy and share, perfect for all occasions. From a family birthday dinner to a meeting with colleagues or a big party with friends, we have the unique and delicious buffet you need!

The Scandinavian countries are very well known for their fish and seafood dishes, especially herring and salmon but also shrimp, as well as the natural meat of Laponian reindeer and moose, cheese, wild berries, sweet delicacies and ‘Nordic’ breads – there are many different flavours, recipes and foods to try.

We offer complete boxes to spoil you with a Scandinavian experience at home!

With no waste or need to think about what we are going to cook for this special occasion: We present our all-in-one boxes to avoid going shopping, without having to calculate the quantities for the number of people we are.

With many of the products in our buffet box, you just have to take care of the presentation, most of the products are prepared to be enjoyed cold. For hot dishes, a traditional oven must be used. Very little to cook and an easy to follow recipe for main courses; organising a festive buffet / dinner has never been easier. Plus, you’ll impress guests with our high-quality products.

We offer a cuisine full of flavour and vitamins that includes all the most popular delicacies in Scandinavia.

For example: Homemade salad with creamy prawns or smoked reindeer, several varieties of herring with bread – rye, cracker, thin or soft – and aged cheese, exclusive Nordic caviar ‘Kalix Löjrom’, wild Baltic salmon smoked in France, Norwegian salmon gravlax-style, processed in Sweden, with its dill & mustard sauce, 100% natural reindeer meat from Swedish Lapland in combination with excellent mashed potatoes, or rich and creamy chocolate cakes.

Swedish Buffet 6

* We use vacuum packaging for optimal preservation of your dishes for several days and we deliver them cold.