Origin: Swedish Lapland
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This is one of the most versatile parts of the reindeer and can be used as a main ingredient in many international game recipes and dishes.

Free range Laponian reindeer meat stands out for its leanness, texture, intensive flavour and fantastic versatility. This exceptional meat is 100% natural, its production also leaves a much lower CO2 footprint than farmed beef and it is a perfect choice for the modern health-conscious consumer.


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Quick tips on how to cook the reindeer topside:

  • Keep an eye on the directions of the fibres, it is preferable to cook the entire piece at once and slice it later
  • The meat should be at room temperature before cooking
  • Start frying in oil and finish with butter
  • Fillets and prime cuts can be done in the pan, no need for the oven.

Overcooked game tends to create a strong liver taste, which by many is mistaken for ‘game’ taste.

Do not shock the meat, let it reach room temperature before putting it in the pan, take it from the fridge up to one hour before cooking. We love to marinate reindeer meat 20-30 min before cooking with a mix of olive oil, salt, garlic, chilli and thyme which enhances the flavour.

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Serving tips:
The leanness of the reindeer meat goes well with a rich sauce or herb butter and it is often served with potato puree, gratin dauphinois, fondant, and seasonal vegetables and mushrooms. The natural intensive flavour of the meat also goes very well with a traditional béarnaise sauce and French fries.

Wellington, Reindeer with Morilles

Nutritional information: Per 100 gr: Energy: 453 kJ/108 kcal, fat: 1.8 g – of which saturated fat: 0.7 g, carbohydrate: 0 g – of which sugars: 0 g, protein: 22.6 g, salt (NACL): 0.2 g