Producer: Marqués de Terán, Club Albatros Golf & Wine
Region: La Rioja, Spain
Varietal: 100% Tempranillo
Alcohol content: 14%
Temperature: 16°C
Format: 0,75L


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Birdie Crianza comes from matching the eloquence and resolve of wine and golf. It is an honest wine brimming with virtues, exclusively for golfers.

‘Birdie’ means scoring one under par (−1); it was first used in 1899, in Atlantic City Country Club in Northfield, New Jersey. The story goes that one day in 1899, three golfers: George Crump (who later built Pine Valley), William Poultney Smith (founding member of Pine Valley) and his brother Ab Smith, were playing a round together when Crump made his second shot that hit a bird in full flight and the ball came to a stop just inches from the hole. His fellow players starting saying that this result of three strokes on a par four was due to a ‘birdie’. It didn’t take long for all the club members to start using the term and the expression quickly caught on and was used by all American golfers.

Birdie is a wine that demonstrates the typical acidity of a Rioja Alta Crianza. It is made with Tempranillo grapes and a light touch of Mazuelo, picked by hand in 17 kg boxes. It is aged for 14 months in American oak barrels, during which the wine is decanted 3 times so it can express the variety, the earth, the grape, the singularity of the terrain and the area.

Deep cherry-red with garnet hues. Complex nose with aromas of ripe red fruit and a light touch of oak that blends into the initial fruit. Smooth, round and well-assembled in the mouth, with a long, much-appreciated aftertaste.