Smørrebrød, a term of Danish origin, literally means ‘bread and butter’ and refers to the traditional Danish-Norwegian open sandwich. A slice of dark buttered rye bread, topped with a variety of different toppings of meat, fish, and seafood, fine leafy salad, herbs, sauces, cheese and egg etc.

More than a simple sandwich though, each piece of Smørrebrød is a carefully crafted culinary delight, often served with high quality and healthy ingredients, created with finesse.

Ideal as a snack, lunch or dinner, eaten on the go, at work or at home, these open sandwiches are hearty, healthy and just a lot of fun, with an infinite amount of variations, equal only to their Spanish cousin tapas.

We would like to assist you make your own delicious Smørrebrød with the help of our online deli products and our blog recipes.

Some suggestions: Rye bread slice with shrimp salad, with mustard herring, or with gravlax with mustard and dill sauce.