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Delivery of exceptional food products


GC delivers a range of premium products that are fundamental to their own culinary heritage, products that are used in traditional cooking and dishes served and loved in their country of origin. We carefully select our partners and we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality and taste we offer to all customers.

GC specialises in products from our own home region, northern Scandinavia. We believe that this natural habitat creates a unique pantry that offers a more healthy and environmentally-friendly produce than almost any other place on earth.

GC also works with producers around the Mediterranean, producers that like our Scandinavian partners and are leading in their own segment of products and focus on animal welfare, unique taste and quality.

One can say that our goal is to deliver sustainable products that play an important role in authentic and original cuisine; classic high-quality products that live up to modern demand of conscious eating.

We will always strive to deliver food created with love and respect for nature from generation to generation with a focus on artisan producers, in the most effective, environmentally-friendly and service-minded way as possible.

Team Gastronomic Cargo